When I read Backdoor Into Harvard and learned about this way to get admitted as if using a loophole into Harvard, my heart raced like a parakeet flying through a ceiling fan. It was like discovering the golden ticket into Harvard. Wow! This book is highly recommended.
Paul Harris
Harvard Applicant

I was not going to apply to Harvard. When I asked my mentor to write a letter of recommendation for me for my college applications, she told me that she would not write one unless Harvard was one of the schools to which I would apply. Then she handed me this book. I could not put it down and read the entire book in one night. This book changed my life. I did exactly what the book stated to do, and when I applied to Harvard, I was accepted. My life will never be the same. I just started my second semester and I could not be much happier.
B. Irene Braun

My SAT Score was not as high as I had hoped it would be. My grades were good, but nothing distinguishing from other students. When I told my friends that I had been admitted to Harvard, they did not believe me. My parents were impressed at the way I studied the admissions process and took the steps necessary to get admitted. This book taught me information of which I would not have been aware, which enabled me to get admitted to Harvard. I feel so fortunate to have found this book. I recommend you read this book before you apply to any college or university. If you don’t, you will wish you had. This book give you steps that, if you take them, will almost certainly guarantee that you get admitted.
Brandon Stevens
Raleigh, North Carolina

DO NOT APPLY TO ANY SCHOOL WITHOUT READING THIS BOOK. You can go to Harvard. I downloaded a copy of this book for my son and me to read. My son needed any edge he could get to help him get admitted to college and I thought this book about Harvard admissions might help him when he applies to other schools. When the book arrived and my son started reading it, a light bulb wet off in my son’s head. For the first time, my son seemed motivated about continuing his education. My parent prep talks seemed to fall on deaf ears, but this book, and the information within it gave my son confidence that he desperately needed. After I read the book I realized there might actually be a chance my son could get admitted to Harvard. My son graduated two years ago and is now enjoying a career involving international economies and business.
Jeff Yeager
Proud Parent

Cambridge is cold, but that’s O.K. since I like the snow. That is a small price to pay for a Harvard education. I would not have been admitted but for this book. My little sister will be applying to college next year. She will take the steps outlined in this book. I am confident she will be here enjoying the snow with me soon. So confident with the information in this book, as a way to pass on the knowledge, I bought 15 paperback versions of this book and have given them to friends who have children who will soon be applying to college. This book cuts right to the chase. Implement the steps espoused in this book and get admitted to Harvard. After reading this book, it makes zero sense to attend any other school other than Harvard.Backdoor Into Harvard is a book that provides those readers willing to implement the steps outlined with the chance to realize one’s pursuit, to attain a dream, and to achieve greatly.
Luis Gannon
Author of “Containing China: Analyzing China’s Efforts to Acquire U.S. Military Intelligence”