Backdoor Into Harvard, by Arthur Livinston
Copyright © 2012 Oxford Lighthouse Press

   Consider yourself prewarned; reading this book can change your life forever. Are you interested in furthering your education? Are you considering various colleges and universities? How much do you desire to attend an Ivy League school such as Harvard, Yale, or Princeton? This book holds the key to one of Harvard’s Best Kept Secrets. This book is the key to the backdoor of Harvard. If you implement the easy to follow steps in this book, you will (that is right, you will) be admitted to Harvard.

   Backdoor Into Harvard is a book that is strategically written with the eye of a sniper using a rifle and a scope to pinpoint the specific and precise steps you can take to virtually guarantee your admittance to Harvard. If you follow and implement the advice I provide, you WILL be admitted to Harvard.

   Whether you are interested in an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree, I explain how you can get admitted into Harvard.

   Harvard has a program that is not well advertised or known about. This program does not take into consideration your LSAT Score or your GPA when evaluating an applicant for admission. That is right, your LSAT Score and GPA is irrelevant!

   Through the program which is the focus of this book; as long as you can prove to Harvard that you can do Harvard caliber work, and you do exactly as I outline in my book, YOU WILL BE ADMITTED.

   By reading this book you learn a special way in which you can enroll in Harvard courses today, even courses taught at Harvard College, no matter where you are in the world. Literally, you can read this book in the morning and be enrolled in Harvard by the end of the day.

   If you are concerned with the economic viability of attending Harvard, you will find especially helpful the chapter “Financial Aid and Assistance With Cost of Tuition.” I explain how some students even take courses at Harvard for as low as $40 per class. If you are willing to take certain steps, you can do the same.

   If you are worried about the difficulty of the work, this is a valid concern. Harvard courses are not easy. However, if you apply yourself, and utilize the resources Harvard makes available to its degree candidates, such as the study skills and tutoring services offered, the academic aid through the Writing Center and the Math Question Center, you will most likely be able to meet the academic standards necessary and required of Harvard.

   “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance,” is a quote attributed to Derek Curtis Bok, President of Harvard University from 1971-1990, is more accurate today than ever before. Turbulent economic climates and greater competition increases the need to distinguish yourself from other graduates as you enter the work force. Obtaining your degree from Harvard will help you weather any economic climate and excel in any environment.

   Today, obtaining a degree from Harvard is less about prestige and more about necessity. Follow the steps clearly outlined in this book and get admitted to Harvard. And through the distance education program, you can even be enrolled in your first class at Harvard before you even finish the book.